Scholare improves academic performance of high school students in math and science.



We employ learning-through-testing, a proven educational strategy that promotes deeper understanding, and longer retention of the subject in the mind of the student.
Our digital workbooks contain thousands of test items that are aligned with course  and  performance standards under the K-12 Program.  Each test item has been carefully constructed to assess a specific learning  competency required in the  DepEd’s Curriculum Guides.

Assess yourself. Repeatedly.


Assess your level of understanding by taking tests repeatedly. Know where your weak areas are. Learn by doing, learn by solving problems. Testing reinforces correct understanding, and strengthens retention of lessons learned.  And frequent self-assessment promotes a learning-for-life attitude.

Involve your teacher


Testing quickly provides valuable  feedback  not only to student,  but also to  teacher.  We can send test results to teachers so they become aware of lessons you are having difficulties with and provide you with more personalized attention. Our system enables a more engaging  teacher-student relationship that promotes learning.

Parents, monitor your child’s progress


If you’re a parent who’d like to follow your child’s academic progress, Scholare can send you test results each time your child finishes one. You’ll see not only test scores, but even the test items, and student’s right and wrong answers. In short, you will know precisely what  learning competencies the student has mastered.
You’ll  have more info about your child’s academic performance  from Scholare  than from school report cards that give only grades. This enables you to involve yourself in child’s education,  acknowledge his efforts, provide motivation, and lend encouragement.


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