Scholare boosts your child’s chances of passing the NCE and getting admitted to the Phil Science High School.

No other online test prep is more effective, more comprehensive and intensive, more convenient, and less expensive.

     Comprehensive and Intensive

Scholare trains your child to demonstrate confidently abstract reasoning, scientific aptitude, verbal and comprehension skills and quantitative ability.

We employ learning-through-testing, a proven educational strategy that promotes deeper understanding, and longer retention of the subject in the mind of the student.

Our test material has hundreds (and still counting!) of test items to measure skill sets and aptitude. We cover all required topics, so no question, no problem in the NCE will look strange and unfamiliar to the student. Short tests encourage frequent testing to enhance familiarity with types of questions and problems. And instant feedback of test results reinforces learning and retention of knowledge.

Specificity: How to prepare for a test

Just as boxers prep for a bout by sparring, grandmasters prep for a tournament by playing chess, tennis pros by playing tennis, runners by running, the best way to prepare for a test is to take tests.

That’s the principle of specificity in action: Your child prepares for the NCE by taking test material very similar (and even somewhat more difficult) to the NCE test. And more tests. Repeatedly.

Not by reading books or reviewing lessons. Not by listening to lecturers spoon feeding the same canned material to a crowd in a classroom.

Online Testing is the Superior Preparation

Online testing sites are used by students all over the world, because it is convenient, practical, accessible, cheap, and above all, super effective.
It’s surely more convenient than commuting back and forth to a far away review center; the commute time alone is better spent taking online tests.

And it’s certainly less expensive than paying over P 5000 to enroll your child or paying P 300-P 500 for every hour of private tutoring.

Test taking online is for sure more engaging than listening to a lecturer in a noisy classroom with plenty of distractions. Solving an algebra problem online is more engaging than listening to an instructor who is solving the same problem on the whiteboard (students learn better by doing, not listening).

A methodical, disciplined, and programmed online prep is surely superior to random, ad hoc, searching the internet for similar test material time and again. Your child will have to enroll in a dozen or more of free and paid sites, and he will have to contend with subject material designed for students in other countries, not exactly the material to prep for the NCE.

Scholare has everything to prep for the NCE in one site. Just one sign up. Just one site to take needed tests. Just one site to record and retain all the test results. And just one subscription to access all Scholare material until April, 2018.

All designed for one thing: to ace the NCE and get admitted to the PSHS.

Monitor your child’s test preparation

If you’re a parent who wants to be more involved in your child’s academic life, Scholare is for you.

We can send you test results every time the student takes a test. Plus periodic reports showing tests your child has taken, dates and time, test results, rankings, with our personal assessment.

This enables you to monitor student’s test preparation, acknowledge his or her efforts, and provide motivation and encouragement. And the will to persist.

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