Intensive, consecutive, and repeated test taking is the most effective way to prepare for UPCAT, ACET, and DCAT.

Consider the many advantages of taking our challenging tests.

  1. EFFECTIVENESS: intensive, repetitive test taking promotes retention of lessons, theories, and develops ability to recall from memory quickly;
  2. ENABLES DIRECTED REVIEWING: test taking identifies your weak areas, so you know which topics/subjects you need to focus on quickly;
  3. COMPREHENSIVE: our test banks have over 1000+ (and still adding) test items; tests are organized per major subject, and there are also tests combining several topics/subjects;
  4. QUANTITATIVE ASSESSMENT: your test scores can be pulled out from digital storage at anytime so you can assess your ability to answer questions and solve problems. Your scores tell you how ready you are to pass the UPCAT, ACET and DCAT.;
  5. SOLUTIONS/EXPLANATIONS: many questions have explanations, many problems have solutions, to promote correct thinking or application of theories;
  6. TIME LIMITS: tests have time limits to teach you how to pace yourself in actual board; develops ability to react quickly when you see a test item; and to develop mental stamina for actual test sessions that could last for 2-3 hours straight;
  7. ON DEMAND: you can take tests 24/7 from any digital capacity as often as you can, from anywhere you have internet connection;
  8. HIGH TEST STANDARDS: our tests are tough and challenging to develop confidence when you take the actual tough CATs;
  9. GUARANTEED ACCESS: your subscription guarantees access to our test room until you take UPCAT, DCAT, and ACET;
  10. AFFORDABILITY: the regular subscription rate is only P300 but you will always have an “early bird” discount and pay only P200.