G8 Math

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This course has been prepared based on the DepED’s Curriculum Guides.

Content Standards

Patterns and Algebra

1.key concepts of factors of polynomials, rational algebraic expressions;

2. linear equations and inequalities in two variables;

3. systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables and linear functions;

4. key concepts of linear inequalities in two variables;

5. systems of linear inequalities in two variables and linear functions.  


1. key concepts of logic and reasoning.

2. key concepts of axiomatic structure of geometry and triangle congruence.

3. key concepts of inequalities in a triangle, and parallel and perpendicular lines.

Statistcs and Probability

key concepts of probability of simple eventsLearning Outcomes

Learning Competencies

Learning Competencies

Patterns and Algebra

The learner….

solves problems involving factors of polynomials.   Simplifies and perform operations on rational algebraic expressions.  

solves problems involving rational algebraic expressions.   finds the slope of a line given two points, equation, and graph.     finds the equation of a line given (a) two points; (b) the slope and a point; (c) the slope and its intercepts.    

solves a system of linear equations in two variables by (a) graphing; (b) substitution; (c) elimination.   solves problems involving systems of linear equations in two variables.  

finds the domain and range of a function.   graphs a linear function’s (a) domain; (b) range; (c) table of values; (d) intercepts; and (e) slope.   solves problems involving linear functions.    


1. is able to communicate mathematical thinking with coherence and clarity in formulating and analyzing arguments.   

2. is able to communicate mathematical coherence and clarity in formulating, investigating, analyzing, and solving real-life problems involving congruent triangles using appropriate and accurate representations        

 3. is able to communicate mathematical life problems involving triangle inequalities, and parallelism and perpendicularity of lines using appropriate and accurate representation                                                                                                        

Statistics and Probability

The learner…

is able to formulate and solve practical problems involving probability of simple events.

Learning Materials

Students are presumed to be provided with learning materials from the DepEd. Teachers are expected to assign lessons during face-to-face classes.

Teachers can add videos, files, images, or links; uploading to be done by Scholar tech support.



There is a quiz at the end of each lesson or topic.

Topics for this course

Patterns and Algebra I

G8 Patterns And Algebra I

Patterns and Algebra II


Statistics and Probability