Are you a  parent deeply concerned about the education your son or daughter is getting?

Your children’s education is far too important to leave entirely to schools. You don’t have to take the school’s claim to high academic standards without proof.   You’ve got every right to find out what your children are actually learning.  ( You’d be surprised to know how many school officials will not be able to tell you exactly what learning competencies their students can demonstrate)
Report cards from schools show only grades made by teachers. Grades are just numbers teachers make to rank students, or to indicate appraisals.

There’s nothing there that shows if your children can solve a problem in algebra, compute compound interest on savings deposits, explain how sound is propagated, show the usefulness of the Periodic Table of Elements, or how the Big Bang created the universe.
If you really want to find out what your children are learning, enroll them in Scholare.
Every time your child takes a test, you will instantly receive the test score, complete with test questions, and the correct and incorrect answers given.
And you will get a periodic account history showing what tests the your son or daughter has taken, dates, test scores, how he ranks among similar test takers from other schools, so you can keep track of academic performance throughout the school year.